Heaven-Animals is a side of the homepage of the Animal Help Europe eV

What remains in the heart- is the memory of the beautiful and funny moments with one’s animal. The mutual hours, the cuddly moments, the playing, or the annoying voice, that was always demanding and trying to put through his will and finally getting everthing that he or she wanted.

Yes, we should keep that all within us, because through the memories the animal lives on. So much love was shared and given- that is why everyone of them should be shown, who gave so much luck to a person or a family.

The site HEAVEN is a place, to which we all can go back to. A place, where memories shall be kept awake, so that everyone can see where his part of heart rests and with which animal it went away.

It is now and then lovely to go back to old memories- even though in the meantime a new friend has moved in –or that the years have passed by- but only such an animal remains unforgetable- and they all have deserved it!

Please think of it: we have a lot of parts of our hearts- mourn over them, cry over them, but don’t ever forget to create a place for the next love after the mourning!